Customized Tour FAQ

Below are answers that could solve your doubts about Reality Tours, otherwise you can always contact us directly to help you.

What are Customized Tours?

Our Customized Reality Tours program offers an alternative and increasingly popular form of educational travel, exclusively tailored to the particular interests of your group.  In fact, over half of our annual departures are now unique, customized group tours.

We create insightful, socially responsible, service learning and philanthropic tours for a wide range of groups and organizations. If you are an educator or student looking to travel with us, you can check out our Teacher/Student FAQ. Also, if you would like to visit Cuba, visit our Cuba Travel FAQ for information particular to Cuba.

What types of groups go on Customized Tours?

Click here to see a list of some of recent custom tour clients. Whether yours is a university or high school class, a membership organization, church group, a group of professionals or a group of like-minded people, Global Exchange can organize your tour.

What destinations do you offer?

Global Exchange organizes customized tours to over 30 destinations across the word. Visit our Destinations page for a list of current programs and destinations we offer, and if there is a country you would like to visit that is not on this list, please contact us and we can explore the possibility with you. With almost 30 years of international human rights experience, we have made contacts in many parts of the world who can support us in creating new programing.

What can my group expect?

Our Reality Tours are structured so that your group can gain a first hand experience of people and organizations involved in issues of interest to you. Your group will have the unique opportunity to travel to various cities, towns and small communities to share in a dialogue with those involved in issues important to you: from health, education, sustainable development, culture and religion, gender issues, to armed conflict and the quest for peace, human rights and the impacts of globalization.

Our diverse itineraries always incorporate meetings, on-site visits and interactions with community organizations. Your group can meet with government officials, journalists, scientists, university professors, doctors, writers, artists, musicians, dancers, environmentalists, representatives from various religious groups and other local players of interest to you. Quite simply, we make it possible for your group to create fulfilling connections with the individuals and communities you meet while enjoying the natural beauty of the country and respectfully learning about the local culture in many of its manifestations.

Who makes the itinerary?

You will be able to work directly with your tour organizer to make sure that you get exactly what you want out of your customized tour. We listen to your interests and accommodate your group’s needs to ensure that everyone gets the most out of your customized Reality Tour. If you’re having trouble thinking of what you’d like to see, we have a sample of itineraries from past tours here.

What does my group get out of it?

We facilitate meaningful exchanges with people who form the political, economic, social and cultural fabric of the society and region visited. Through these informal and formal educational interactions, our participants come away with an informed and enriched understanding of the hopes, accomplishments and struggles of people from diverse backgrounds.

What about customized tours to Cuba?

Global Exchange is an authorized Travel Service Provider to Cuba. We will work with your group to create an itinerary that legally qualifies under the one of the 12 categories for legal travel. We have run legal Reality Tours to Cuba for over 25 years. Our staff on the ground has extensive contacts and works with our Cuban partners to create a custom itinerary to fit to your group’s interests. We have organized custom trips to Cuba for lawyers guilds, school groups, orchestras, biking clubs, government representatives, groups of friends and many other custom groups. For more information, please visit our Travel to Cuba FAQ page or contact us at

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