The explosion at the Hotel Saratoga in Havana Cuba is a tragedy of immenseproportions. The members of Global Exchange and RESPECT Cuba extend our heartfeltcondolences to the families of those who were killed and injured and to thepeople of Cuba. Family is precious and Cuba has always placed the highest priority on family andcommunity. We...
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Biden, End the Blockade Against Cuba
Global Exchange launched our first travel challenge to Cuba in 1990 under the Freedom to Travel campaign with the following three demands of the U.S. Government: End the U.S. Blockade on Cuba;End Travel Restrictions between the U.S. and Cuba;Remove Cuba from the U.S. list of terrorist countries. As you know all too well, after thirty...
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Where Are You Dreaming of Traveling?
Since 1988 our Reality Tours have provided a way for people to travel and build people-to-people ties that enhance understanding and unity around the world. Tens-of-thousands have safely traveled with Global Exchange to destinations near and far (Cuba, Cambodia, Oaxaca-Mexico, the Ecuadorian-Amazon, Iran, South Africa and more) before the coronavirus pandemic forced us to close...
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Morehouse College explores the Afro-Ecuadorian experience
***It’s not too late to travel to Ecuador this summer, 2019!  Experience the country’s beautiful highlands and Amazon region while meeting with local communities working for social and environmental justice. Over the years, Global Exchange has enjoyed collaborating with Morehouse College, a liberal arts college in Atlanta, Georgia, to provide students and professors with a pan-African...
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Experiencing Day of the Dead in Oaxaca
There are still spots remaining on this year’s annual Day of the Dead trip to Oaxaca, Mexico!  Join us from October 28th to November 5th, 2019 to experience one of the most renown Day of the Dead celebrations in the Americas. Curious about what you might experience?  Here are some thoughts from a past participant, Catherine...
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What is ‘Socially Responsible’ Travel?
At Global Exchange Reality Tours, we talk a lot about ‘socially responsible’ travel. But what does this mean, exactly? What is socially responsible travel, and how do you make sure you are doing it as a traveler? Below, we’ve put together a set of attitudes and behaviors that we believe make up some of the core...
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