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Oaxaca: Guelaguetza Festival: Art, Culture and Indigenous Resistance

Availability : July 19 - 27, 2022
During this 9 day trip to Oaxaca, learn about the local impacts of free trade agreements and immigration policies from community leaders while experiencing the Guelaguetza festival, an annual Zapotec tradition that celebrates the values of sharing, reciprocity, and community through traditional dances that display each region’s distinct cultural traditions. We will explore indigenous resilience […]
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Ecuador: Indigenous Rights and Rights of Nature in the Ecuadorian Amazon

Availability : August 1 - 12, 2022
On a Global Exchange delegation to Ecuador you will meet with local organizations, politicians, journalists, farm workers, and Indigenous communities to speak about the local, regional, and global effects of corporate globalization. These affiliates will introduce you to some of the most successful local and international efforts to bring environmental justice to the Andes and […]

Cuba: Community-Based Healthcare and Healing

Availability : September 16 - 25, 2022
Spend 10 days with renowned Cuban doctors and medical students from the famous Latin American School of Medicine, while also experiencing the island’s vibrant culture and community-led projects in historic Havana.

“I was impressed with the ability of Global Exchange to plug us into a variety of social movements and organizations…I am still amazed at the depth of the experience and how profoundly it has impacted my life and those who shared in the tour.”

Paul P.

” I’ve been with Global Exchange traveling to Cuba, Vietnam, Venezuela and Oaxaca. Lots of learning and delight! “

Bob T.

” I was part of a group that experienced a truly life changing experience. I learned so much on this Reality Tour through the beautiful country of South Africa. It has been many years since myself and my fellow tour members had the opportunity to … Keep reading

Cynthia B.

“This is a wonderful trip to learn about the Days of the Dead and the difficulties the indigenous communities of Oaxaca constantly face. It is not a conventional tour; it is fast paced and focuses on community not tourist sites. MCome… Keep reading

Jay N.

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